Anti COVID-19 nano silver solution

The product is colorless & transparent nano silver dispersion liquid, which has good & long-lasting antibacterial, anti-yellowing and non-tolerance properties. It can be added into various materials to produce antibacterial products, and its pH can be adjusted to be acidic, neutral and alkaline to meet customers’ needs. Parameter: Feature: Small particle size with good dispersibility; Colorless and transparent, it will not affect the appearance of the product; Efficient & broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria; High temperature resistance, yellowing resistance, promoting wound healing; Good stability, it will not precipitate after long-term storage; Stable, reliable, low dosage, and cost-effective. Application: It is used for development of the antibacterial products, such as water-based coating, soap, cosmetic, finishing agent of textile, antibacterial lotion, gynecological gel, etc. Usage: Add into other material systems as recommended dosage, mix and stir evenly, the different application fields, the different dosage. *For cosmetic, the dosage is 5ppm; *For soap, the dosage is 30-50ppm; *For antibacterial lotion and gynecological gel, the dosage is 20-30ppm; *For textile, the dosage is 60-80ppm; *For coating, the dosage is 90ppm. Packing: Packing: 20 kgs/barrel. Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.

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