Far infrared masterbatch Healthy Masterbatch

The product is far infrared mastebatch, which can emit far infrared rays that can promote blood circulation and effectively improve human microcirculation, beneficial to human health. It can be processed to prepare plastic products or spinning textiles and various base materials can be provided, such as PP, PET, PE, ABS, EVA, etc. Parameter: Feature: -High far infrared emissivity, up to 93%; -Good compatibility and good dispersibility; -Good spinnability, low filtration value, ≤0.04. Application: It is used for the production of far infrared fiber, fabric, plastic products and so on, widely used in the fields of medical devices, textiles, health care, etc. Various base materials can be provided according to customer requirements, such as PET, PP, PC, PA, etc. Usage: Mix it evenly with the common masterbatch by 4-5% dosage, and produce as the original production process. Packing: Packing: 25 kg/bag. Storage: in cool, dry place.

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