Laser protect film

The laser wiretap blocking film is made of a wear-resistant PET protective film layer and a multi-layer composite film with a specific wavelength of nano-absorbent material laminated by a special process; the product has high light transmittance, strong product consistency and long service life , The index is stable and other advantages. The visible light transmittance is 58%, and the blocking grade is OD3-OD4. This product has been widely used in key parts such as the Military Commission and National Security Units, and has made outstanding contributions to our country's information security and confidentiality work. The laser wiretap blocking film produced by our company has the characteristics of excellent performance, simple construction, and strong durability. Technical index Laser wiretapping blocking rate: >99.99% UV blocking rate: >99% Transmittance: 58% Warranty: indoor installation, 5 years warranty Appearance: light blue transparent film Thickness: 0.1mm Features 1. The surface anti-scratch layer can effectively cope with daily maintenance and is easier to clean than traditional coatings; 2. The nano-functional composite layer is located in the middle of the multi-layer optical PET film, and the function of the inorganic material is long-lasting and does not decline, which eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional coating film from falling protection after scratches; 3. Wide protection band, high protection against diffuse reflection eavesdropping laser of various wavelengths; 4. Comprehensive protection for lasers at any incident angle, avoiding the limitation that traditional coatings can only be protected from normal incidence; 5. The film materials are all optical grade and neutral color, and the field of view does not change color.

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